Fleeing violence, Nicaraguans seek safety in Costa Rica


Human rights violations. 

Political turmoil. 

Thousands of Nicaraguans have sought asylum in neighboring Costa Rica since April 2018 

Nicaragua is involved in an escalation of violence since the first 2 weeks of April 2018, people have taken to the streets demanding President Daniel Ortega stand down, rights groups say more about 400 people have been killed many by the government repression and the participation of paramilitary groups, this situation has forced many citizens to leave the country to the neighboring Costa Rica, authorities have registered nearly 8,000 asylum claims and given future appointments to 15,000 other asylum seekers

Full English Reportage on UNHCRtrib.al/8JZiBt6

Reportaje en Español en ACNURhttps://bit.ly/2MIPLgH

Photos by@rosanchezphoto  on assignment for UNHCR @Refugees @RefugeesMedia

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